Edition No. 20

"symposia", 2002

Eduardo Chillida and Antoni Tąpies are among the most important contemporary artists. Both of them are inspired by material like paper, alabaster and iron but also sand, tar or cotton out of they created a new, meaningful language of art.

1970 Antoni Tąpies stacked white China plates and called the piece "Pila de Plats". Inspired by this simple gesture, the Edition No. 20 for the exhibition "Eduard Chillida - Antoni Tąpies" combines two artist dishes, one from the Fundacion Tąpies, one from the Museo Chillida-Leku and invites you to a symposia of Spanish culture.

two china plates, printed drawing with signature in gift box.
Non limited Edition.

98 EUR
78,50 EUR (Club)

Order no.

Deutsche Guggenheim
Unter den Linden 13-15
10117 Berlin
T. 030-202093-15/-16
F. 030-202093-20

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