Edition No. 17

Rachel Whiteread: Doorknob, 2001

Rachel Whiteread has created a special edition for Deutsche Guggenheim that serves as an extension of her exhibition "Transient Spaces". The artist has cast a doorknob that relates to her piece "Untitled (Apartment)", yet she has made the special edition in a completely different manner from her sculpture. In contrast to the solid white plaster of the Apartment, her Doorknob is cast in a soft and black gel, that changes shape when pulled or squeezed and then slowly returns to its original form.
Whiteread has attached particular importance to this behave of the material. The gel, used in the orthopedic industry, was produced by Technogel® in Duderstadt according to the specifications of the artist.

Non-toxic, UV-resistant Technogel®, sprayed with black Polyurethane film; in plastic bag.
Limited edition of 300 copies, numbered and signed by the artist on certificate.

180 EUR
160 EUR (Club)

Order no.

Deutsche Guggenheim
Unter den Linden 13-15
10117 Berlin
T. 030-202093-15/-16
F. 030-202093-20

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