Edition No. 14

Divit, 2001

The "divit" is well known in Ottoman culture as a symbol of knowledge and as an attribute of wise men. The "divit" is a traditional portable writing set - a practical combination of inkwell and pen. The fine writing instrument, usually a sharpened piece of reed or bamboo, would have been kept in a rectangular box, the "kubur". The "hokka", or inkwell, would have been filled with yellow, red, white or gold ink. The colour of ink used would correspond with the meaning of the text.

The "divit" is Edition No. 14 of the Deutsche Guggenheim. It was handcrafted in the traditional fashion in Istanbul exclusively for the Sabanci exhibition. Its fine filigree ornamentation and silverplating make this useful tool a particularly lovely object.

Brass, silvered; approx. 25 cm long, in a black box.
Limited Edition of 100 copies, numbered.

180 EUR
155 EUR (Club)

Order no.

Deutsche Guggenheim
Unter den Linden 13-15
10117 Berlin
T. 030-202093-15/-16
F. 030-202093-20

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