Edition No. 09

Dein ist mein ganzes Herz (fondly to Dan Flavin), 1999

As a posthumous homage to Dan Flavin, the Deutsche Guggenheim presents a special CD as Edition No. 9. Just as the artist himself dedicated many of his works to people he was close to, we are now dedicating this musical gift to him.

In 1993, the extension to the Städel Museum in Frankfurt opened with an exhibition of Dan Flavin's work. No friend of official occasions, the artist organised the evening of the opening so that he would enjoy it as much as possible. Flavin had a cassette of songs sung by Richard Tauber play continuously throughout the evening. Romantic tones blended with the rooms flooded with colour to create a poetic experience.

The CD includes Richard Tauber's interpretation of Dein ist mein ganzes Herz, which the artist is known to have considered a favorite of his, along with remixes of this piece by Antonelli Electr and Elektro Music Department.

CD in special color cover.
Limited Edition of 1000 copies, hand-numbered on booklet.

25 EUR
20 EUR (Club)

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