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Edition No. 42

The Idea of North

Glenn Gould (1932–1982) was not only a man of music, but also a pioneer in the media arts. One of his most inspiring contributions to this discipline is the groundbreaking radio broadcast Solitude Trilogy and especially its first part, The Idea of North. Gould arranged voices and sounds recorded by him in interviews in Northern Canada as fugue and sonata movements. The composition technique of these “oral tone poems” embodies in aesthetic form the main motif of the work: namely, that the loneliness of the deserted North is a prerequisite for concentration and creativity.

The edition issued on the occasion of the exhibition True North consists of an audio CD with Glenn Gould’s radio play The Idea of North (1967), produced for the Canadian Broadcast Company, and a DVD with excerpts from two of the most important television documentaries on the making of Gould’s masterpiece: Glenn Gould’s Radio as Music (1975) and Judith Pearlman’s The Idea of North (1970).


Audio CD, English edition, 59 min
DVD, English edition with titles in English/German, approx. 25 min.
With an introduction to The Idea of North in English/German.
Limited edition of 150 copies.

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150 Euro
120 Euro (Club)

The Idea of North, 2008

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