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Daily Lectures: free guided tour of the exhibition, 6 p.m.
I like Mondays Lecture: short free guided tours, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Lunch Lectures - Wednesdays, 1 p.m.

The lunch lecture - a special kind of lunch break - offers an inspiring encounter addressing a specific theme in the exhibition and is followed by a lunch buffet.
Admission: € 9 / reduced: € 7

Anything but Romantic – On the Relation between Technology and Landscape Art
Dr. Melanie Franke
06.02., 19.03., 26.03.

Visions of Permanent Ice – Searching for the Sublime in the Context of Ecological Change
Katja Sander
13.02., 27.02.

The Cultural Semantics of Wilderness
Alexandra Heimes
20.02., 02.04., 09.04.

Nature Adoration and Meditation – Romantic Motifs, Then and Now
Dr. Beate Zimmermann
05.03., 12.03.

Keynote Tours - Sundays, 11:30 a.m.

Each tour focuses on a special aspect of the exhibition. Afterwards brunch at the Café.
Admission: € 12 / reduced: € 9

The Idea of the North in Romantic and Contemporary Thought
Vivian Kea
03.02., 10.02., 17.02.

Calculated Approaches to Atmosphere
Dr. Melanie Franke

Views of Everlasting White – On the Iconography of Icescapes
Alexandra Heimes
09.03., 23.03.

The Infinite as Sublime – Aspects of the Romantic Perception of Nature
Dr. Beate Zimmermann
16.03., 13.04.

Looking through a Lens: The Dialectics of Nature and Artificiality
Katja Sander
30.03., 06.04.


Artist’s Talks:
Orit Raff, Stan Douglas, Elger Esser, Armin Linke und Thomas Flechtner

On the occasion of True North, five of the exhibition’s artists will participate in a series of Artist’s Talks at the Deutsche Guggenheim, offering insights into their works, which often engage the Romantic myth of the rough, untouched North.

Saturday, 02.02., 12 p.m.
Artist’s Talk with Orit Raff

in English

Thursday, 14.02., 7 p.m.
Artist’s Talk with Stan Douglas

in English

Thursday, 21.02., 7 p.m.
Artist’s Talk with Elger Esser

Painting and Photography. A Relationship.

Thursday, 06.03., 7 p.m.
Artist’s Talk with Armin Linke

With a special audiovisual performance.

Thursday, 27.03., 7 p.m.
Artist’s Talk with Thomas Flechtner

If not otherwise specified, all events take place at the Deutsche Guggenheim.
All lectures in German unless otherwise indicated.
For English and French lectures please contact (030) 20 20 93-18.


Tuesday, 11.03., 7 p.m.
Glenn Gould: The Idea of North
Variations on Glenn Gould, 1969, Director: Perry Rosemond
The Idea of North, 1970, Director: Judith Pearlman
Introduction Stefan Iglhaut, cultural scientist and curator, Berlin

The Idea of North is the title of the first part of Glenn Gould’s “oral tone poem” Solitude Trilogy, a groundbreaking radio broadcast. Gould arranged the voices of five different narrators as a fugue-like composition, weaving together various tales about, and thoughts on the North. Variations on Glenn Gould follows the artist as he takes a walk near Wawa, north of Toronto; Judith Pearlman’s TV documentary visualizes Gould’s radio masterpiece.

Film Series Ice and Snow on the Silver Screen
On the occasion of the exhibition True North, the Deutsche Guggenheim, in cooperation with the Kino Arsenal will present the film series Ice and Snow on the Silver Screen, offering a broad spectrum of cinematic works ranging from the first snowflakes and icescapes captured on film in 1895 to contemporary wintry panoramas, both documentary and staged.

Wednesday, 20.02., 7 p.m.
Snow Festival Shorts, 1896–2007
Curator: Karola Gramann, Frankfurt a. M.

Thursday, 21.02., 9 p.m.
South: Shakleton’s Glorious Epic of the Antarctic, 1919
Director: Frank Hurley, Piano: Eunice Martins

Friday, 22.02., 7 p.m.
Nanook of the North, 1922
Director: Robert J. Flaherty
Piano: Eunice Martins

Saturday, 23.02., 7 p.m.
The Gold Rush, 1925
Director: Charles Chaplin
Piano: Eunice Martins

Sunday, 24.02., 9 p.m.
Picture of Light, 1994
Director: Peter Mettler (OV)

Saturday, 23.02. and Sunday, 24.02., 4 p.m.
La Marche de l’empereur (March of the Penguins), 2004
Director: Luc Jacquet (German Version)

Tuesday, 26.02., 7 p.m.
Herr Arnes Treasure (Sir Arne’s Treasure), 1919
Director: Mauritz Stiller
Piano: Eunice Martins

Wednesday, 27.2., 7 p.m.
The Ice Storm, 1997
Director: Ang Lee (OV)

Thursday, 28.02., 9 p.m.
Antarctica Project, 1988
Director: Axel Engstfeld (German Version)

Friday, 29.02., 7 p.m.
Lenz, 2006
Director: Thomas Imbach (German Version)
Location: Kino Arsenal, Potsdamer Str. 2, 10785 Berlin
Information: (030) 26955100

Thursday, 03.04., 7 p.m.
La Marche de l’empereur (March of the Penguins), 2004
Director: Luc Jacquet (German Version)

Location: Lichtburg-Forum Berlin, Behmstraße 13, 13357 Berlin
Information: (030) 49 98 81 51 or info@lichtburgforum.de

Continuing Education for Teachers – No. 08.1-2090

13.02.2008, 4 p.m.
In cooperation with the Senatsverwaltung für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Forschung.
Registration: www.fortbildung-regional.de or schmidt@senbwf.verwalt-berlin.de

Unless otherwise specified, all events will take place at the Deutsche Guggenheim.