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Edition No. 35

“The Hat’s Hat”, 2006

Extravagant hats were a trademark of the artist, museum director and collector Hilla Rebay. And although Rebay advocated non-objective painting, there are numerous playful designs and details of fashion accessories and textile patterns in much of her own artistic work.
The award-winning London hat designer Philip Treacy has created an exclusive women’s hat for Edition No. 35. The starting point of his design consisted in a series of collages by Rebay depicting intricate tableaux of fashionable figures from the late 1920s. Treacy quoted from these works and assembled the citations in an original design that utilizes collage -the medium in which Hilla Rebay particularly excelled.
We extend our special thanks to the studio of Philip Treacy, the Hilla von Rebay Foundation and Karole Vail for their support in creating the edition.


Woman’s hat designed and made in the studio of Philip Treacy.
Limited Edition of 100 copies, numbered (on certificate).

Order No



270 Euro
240 Euro (Club)

“The Hat’s Hat” (a Tribute to Hilla Rebay), 2006

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