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Edition No. 30

Jackson Pollock‘s Pens and Papers, 2005

Jackson Pollock’s drawing materials deliver an exceptionally precise and personal reflection of the artist and his time. During the war years Pollock painted and drew on the most primitive paper types such as packing paper and pattern books, and later, with increasing success, on classic French hand-made paper and exquisite Japanese paper. Pollock’s collection of pens was equally legendary. From ballpoint pens through to felt-tips, every new model released onto the market during the 1950s was tried out by Pollock, though seldom used in the prescribed manner.

Accompanying the exhibition No Limits, Just Edges: Jackson Pollock – Paintings on Paper, Edition No. 30 is an assemblage of pens and paper based on the artist’s inventory which makes it possible to literally “trace” Pollock’s artistic technique. Each edition comes with a reproduction of the drawing Place Mat, which the artist produced in the late 1940s on a simple restaurant paper place setting. Jackson Pollock’s Pens and Papers is also available as subscription edition featuring an expanded selection of materials in a specially designed display case which serves as a drawing box and frame in one.


Drawing block with various paper types and pen set
Reproduction, Jackson Pollock, Place Mat, c. 1946-47, (Cat. Rais. No. 14)
Digital print on paper

Limited and numbered edition series of 350 copies,
thereof 50 copies as subscription edition

Order No

08384 (subscription edition)


85 EUR
75 EUR (Club)
approx. 240 EUR (subscription edition)
approx. 210 EUR (Club)

Jackson Pollock‘s Pens and Papers, 2005 (Detail)

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