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Edition No. 40

Phoebe Washburn:
RFMM Gardener Schedule Study

Phoebe Washburn’s installations often explore generative systems based on absurd patterns of production. For Deutsche Guggenheim, Washburn has conceived of the room-sized Regulated Fool’s Milk Meadow as a self-contained “factory” that incorporates its own product—grass for the project’s sod roof—into the installation over the course of the exhibition. Small plots of soil are shuttled by a conveyor belt through different stations for light and water to nourish the growth of grass. These “plots” are periodically tended by a “gardener” who plants the seed, allows it to germinate in a greenhouse before shifting the organic matter to the factory where it will mature, and finally places the output on the roof of the structure where it will eventually atrophy and wither, removed from the sustaining system of water and light, thus exhibiting the full cycle of growth and decay. The calendar for the care of the grass is rendered graphically in the unique drawings, developed as Deutsche Guggenheim’s edition No. 40 - RFMM Gardener Schedule Study. Washburn’s typical affinity for convoluted systems with elaborate notations and coding can be traced in these works.


Mixed media on paper, 53.5 x 43 cm
20 signed drawings

Order No



1500 Euro
1320 Euro (Club)

RFMM Gardener Schedule Study, 2007

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