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Edition No. 27

Nam June Paik Global Groove 2004

The title of the spectacular installation of Nam June Paik goes back to his legendary video work Global Groove from 1973, which propagated the future of a global artists’ television. Global Groove 2004 is at once a remix of his video experiments from the sixties and the preliminary scheme for a new, contemporary vocabulary of video imagery.

Nam June Paik makes use of the artistic strategy of revision in the Edition which he has designed exclusively for the exhibition at the Deutsche Guggenheim. The photograph of the installation is simplified and at the same time dramatized by Paik’s overdrawing. Each sheet is an original, and through the individuality imparted by his hand, Paik’s Edition for the Deutsche Guggenheim achieves a resonance which goes beyond the world of electronic images.


Drawing by hand upon a photo of the installation.
Cibachrome, high gloss (45.72 x 60.96 cm)
Limited edition of 20 drawings + 5 a.p.
Numbered and signed.

Order No

3.500 EUR


Accompanying the exhibition is a two-part catalogue with essays by the curators in German and English as well as with a reprint of the previously out-of-print publication Nam June Paik: Videa'n' Vidoelogy 1959-1973, at a price of € 26.

Nam June Paik, Global Groove 2004

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