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Edition No. 25

Bruce Nauman Walk with Contrapposto, 1968

In the video, Walk with Contrapposto, Nauman recorded himself self-consciously parading up and down a narrow corridor. The historical function of the stylized pose was to create the illusion of movement in a static figure. Perhaps Nauman was implying that in art which allows for real action such devices are unnecessary. Nauman subsequently exhibited the corridor as a distinct work entitled Performance Corridor which frames the viewer as performer.
The video has been reproduced on a DVD and is available as Deutsche Guggenheim's special edition for Bruce Nauman: Theaters of Experience. Specially packaged in a case made from the wood used to build the corridor, it is a limited edition of 20. The edition is exclusively available at Deutsche Guggenheim's MuseumsShop at a price of 540.


Bruce Nauman: Walk with Contrapposto, 1968
Video, 60 min., on DVD (PAL), b&w, sound
Cover: plywood (also used to build Performance Corridor)
Video still silkscreen print on DVD
Text by Susan Cross
Limited and numbered edition of 20 copies

540 EUR
486 EUR (Club)

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Appearing alongside the exhibition is the catalogue Bruce Nauman: Theaters of Experience (Softcover, bilingual German/English, 19).

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