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Edition No. 28

Phaeton and Thomas, 2004

The edition for the exhibition Robert Mapplethorpe and the Classical Tradition (July 24 to October 17, 2004) brings prints and photography together in an uncustomary encounter and reveals the depth of Robert Mapplethorpe’s fascination with the elaborated forms and exaggerated poses of Mannerist art.

Our sheet shows Phaeton, the legendary son of Helios, who dared to drive his father’s sun-chariot across the heavens and ultimately had to be killed by Zeus in order to prevent a conflagration of the entire world. For The Fallen One of Hendrik Goltzius after Cornelis Cornelisz. van Haarlem and its counterpart Thomas by Robert Mapplethorpe, both artists have chosen the form of the tondos.

As a common conveyor of the two highly diverse artistic media of copperplate engraving and photography which are united in Edition No. 28, diavography was utilized as an innovative printing technique which combines the advantages of a modern printing procedure that is almost totally free of screen outlines with the quality of traditional handmade craftsmanship.


diavographie on handmade Hahnemühle paper, 50 x 88 cm (sheet); limited edition of 100 copies, numbered by hand.


Article Number:

240 EUR
210 EUR (Club)


A publication in German and in English with essays by Germaon Celand, Arkady Ippolitov, and Jennifer Blessing will accompany the exhibition; € 34.

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