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Edition No. 41

Jeff Wall: Searcher, 2007

Jeff Wall has long been interested in the language of realism, in the values and aesthetics of representing daily life. Many of the photographs on view in Jeff Wall: Exposure portray people in straitened circumstances - a traditional subject of documentary film and photography.
On the occasion of his exhibition at the Deutsche Guggenheim, Wall has created an inkjet print entitled Searcher. He has captured with his cell phone camera a fleeting moment of life on the street. Although the moment captured is of seemingly small significance, it also resonates with the photo-grapherís own existential search for subjects worthy of representation. In the case of Searcher, the figure bears a strong resemblance to Seuratís late-nineteenth-century oil studies of field workers. And just as Seurat embraced the latest developments in optics and color theory to create pointillist scenes of everyday life, Jeff Wall uses one of the latest technologies for visualizing our world to represent life as it is experienced today, transformed into an abstract chromatic harmony.


Inkjet-Print on paper
10,5" x 14" (image) / 13" x 19" (page)
Limited edition of 50 copies + 15 AP, numbered and signed by the artist.

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2.200 Euro sold out
1.900 Euro (Club) sold out

Searcher, 2007

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