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Edition No. 43/1-4

Freisteller Villa Romana Fellows 2008

In the context of the Freisteller exhibition, the Deutsche Guggenheim is publishing editions of all four Villa Romana Fellows for the first time. The individual editions emerged independently of one another and are closely connected with the works on exhibit.
Despite the very different artistic positions, common interests and strategies are discernible.

In “i.e.,” Dani Gal questions the authority of institutions by removing example sentences from the Oxford English Dictionary from their context and formulating an absurd “novel” out of them. In her edition, Julia Schmidt fragments a painting by Edgar Degas and makes five new “compositions” from the material. With his unlimited dedication, Clemens von Wedemeyer refers to in his words “superfluous people who arise due to specialization and amassing of capital and thus are involuntarily “exempted” from economic and societal activities. Aslı Sungu finally challenges the purported steadfastness of material values by casting copies of luxury jewelry using acrylic like in her general art work.

In all of the editions, motifs and themes are taken out of their original context and used to open up new, discursive connections.

Edition No 43/1

Dani Gal, i.e., 2008
Book object. Paperback, 957 pages, 13,4 x 21,4 x 3,3 cm.
Limited edition of 500 copies, of which 50 copies are signed on the attached certificate.

order code

2001156 (unsigned)
2001157 (signed)


25 Euro (unsigned)
22 Euro (unsigned) (Club)
250 Euro (signed)
220 Euro (signed) (Club)

Edition No 43/2

Julia Schmidt, Untitled (stripper), 2008
Five-part poster set. Monochrome offset on India paper, each approx. A1 in archive portfolio.
Limited Edition of 50 copies, signed on the portfolio.

order code



450 Euro
400 Euro (Club)

Edition No 43/3

Aslı Sungu, ALMOST, 2008
Color object in five variants. Acrylic paint, 21 x 32 x 2 cm, in jewelry box.
Limited edition of 50 copies (10 per model), signed on the box.

order code



200 Euro
170 Euro (Club)

Edition No 43/4

Clemens von Wedemeyer, Der überflüssigen Bevölkerung, Entwurf für eine Widmung in 5 Sprachen (The Superfluous Populace, draft for a Dedication in 5 Languages), 2008
Din A4, double-sided laser print on 80g paper, carbon-copy paper and envelope.
Unlimited and unsigned edition.

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2 Euro

Edition 43/1
Dani Gal, i.e., 2008

Edition 43/2
Julia Schmidt, Untitled (stripper), 2008

Edition 43/3
Aslı Sungu, ALMOST, 2008
(Modell 1)

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