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Edition No. 44

Collier Schorr

Collier Schorrs limited edition for her exhibition Freeway Balconies is based on a photograph from her long-running series in which the artist costumes and choreographs a cast of young men in either German or U.S. military uniforms. In posing her models in this manner, she confronts the symbolism of World War II—era attire in a frank engagement with both countries’ conflicted histories. These staged portraits often have real-life counterpoints, as Schorr also photographs the models in their own active military service uniforms. Flirting with the idea that what repels can also attract, Schorr ultimately undermines the power and authority encoded in standard-issue dress on both sides of the demarcation line. The translation of her photograph into a drawing further plays on notions of originality and authenticity in a conception of identity as something donned and doffed as easily as a change of outfit.


Archival Pigment print
14.5x10.5 inches
Limited Edition of 50 with 15 A.P.
Edited by Deutsche Guggenheim, Berlin

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1.100 Euro
900 Euro (Club)

Edition 44
Collier Schorr, ROMANTIC DRAWING (S.W.), 2008

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