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Edition No. 34

Hanne Darboven
Gregorian Calendar, 2006

For Hanne Darboven, the digits designating the dates on the Gregorian calendar are a “neutral, graphic equivalent for the basically non-visual phenomenon of time.” Beginning in the mid-1960s, the artist developed her own methods and systems to visualize her understanding of time, the present and history.
The original sheet of Edition No. 34 makes a number of thematic references to the passage of time. The Gregorian Calendar was created by the artist in 1975 as a New Year greeting for a small circle of friends. In Darboven’s house, the sheet hangs in a gilded frame. Like the space-filling installation, Hommage ŕ Picasso, it simultaneously refers to the last ten years leading up to the turn of the millennium.
The printed facsimile of the calendar was developed in close cooperation with Hanne Darboven. The Diavographie is especially suitable for faithfully reproducing the line thicknesses and color shades of the different drawing utensils.


Diavographie (printed facsimile) on 80g document paper.
Limited edition of 60 pieces,
numbered and monogrammed by the artist.

(Numbers 1/60 to 10/60 framed)

Order No

09146 (framed)


500 Euro
420 Euro (Club)
650 Euro (framed)
570 Euro (framed/Club)

Gregorian Calendar, 2006

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