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Edition No. 37

Joseph Beuys: “Filzpostkarte”, 1985
Matthew Barney: “From Mud, A Blade”, 2006

On the occasion of the exhibition “all in the present must be transformed: Matthew Barney and Joseph Beuys”, in which the work of both artists is juxtaposed for the first time, Deutsche Guggenheim presents two artist editions: Joseph Beuys’s “Filzpostkarte” from 1985 and Matthew Barney’s “From Mud, A Blade”, created specially for this presentation.

Matthew Barney’s edition is derived from his film project “DE LAMA LÂMINA” (2004), which explores and subverts the principle of duality so essential to Western culture. A high-grade, rare Brazilian rosewood backed by a layer of whitish HD polyethylene serves as both an object and a cover for a set of ten evocative pictures from “DE LAMA LÂMINA” (which was filmed during Carnival in Salvador, Bahia).

Joseph Beuys’s “Filzpostkarte,” reflects the artist’s esteem for the postcard in general because of its double function as a vehicle for communication and a simple artistic medium. He, therefore transferred a multitude of materials, important to his work - like wood, copper and even sulphur- into the form of a postcard.

As with Beuys’s “Filzpostkarte”, the materials of Matthew Barney’s edition are essential to its artistic message.


Edition No. 37 (j)
Felt with white screen print (card format: 10.5 x 15 x 0.9 cm).
Unlimited edition, with 1 to 100 signed by the artist.
Edition Staeck (ed.)

Edition No. 37 (m)
Double-ply card made of Brazilian rosewood and HDPE (card format 10.5 x 14.8 x 0.4 cm) as the cover of a set of ten postcards with reproductions from the project “DE LAMA LÂMINA”. Polyethylene side of the card stamped by the artist. Cover of the postcard box with a detail from “Brazilian fundraiser”.
Limited edition of 100, 30 copies with the artist’s signature on the postcard box.

Order No

100738 (Beuys, “Filzpostkarte”, unsigned)
100735 (Beuys, “Filzpostkarte”, signed)
100737 (Barney, “From Mud, A Blade”, unsigned) sold out
100736 (Barney, “From Mud, A Blade”, signed) sold out


10 euros / 9 euros (Club) (Beuys, “Filzpostkarte”, unsigned)
500 euros / 450 euros (Club) (Beuys, “Filzpostkarte”, signed)
59 euros / 50 euros (Club) (Barney, “From Mud, A Blade”, unsigned) sold out
400 euros / 350 euros (Club) (Barney, “From Mud, A Blade”, signed) sold out

Edition No. 37 (j), 1985

Edition No. 37 (m), 2006

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