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Edition No. 38

Tavola Floreale

Divisionists and artists associated with Art Nouveau in France or the Stile Floreale in Italy shared not only the search for originality as an alternative response to the industrial revolution, but also the dream of a living environment shaped by nature and its organic forms. Artists such as Giovanni Segantini, whose pictures celebrated the ideal image of life in nature, were in close contact with artistic craftsmen, such as Carlo Bugatti, who created lavish and unique objects for exclusive customers.

As Edition No. 38 Deutsche Guggenheim has created the Tavola Floreale. The elegant ensemble for a table setting was designed by an anonymous artist around 1895 and woven by a workshop in California, USA, which specializes in the production of historical textile designs. The Tavola Floreale is available in a limited edition of 100 settings.


Table runner, 240x 32,5 cm
Placemats, 50x36 cm (set of 4)

Order No

101083 (Table runner)
101084 (Placemats)


120 Euro (Table runner) sold out
100 Euro (Table runner / Club) sold out
140 Euro (Placemats) sold out
120 Euro (Placemats / Club) sold out

Tavola Floreale, 2007

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