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Edition No. 45

Anish Kapoor: Memory, 2008

In the edition to his commissioned work for the Deutsche Guggenheim, Anish Kapoor encased the negative form of his sculpture in a massive block made of yellowish transparent acrylic. Due to the inversion of the space and the transparency of the material, the Memory edition defies a rational overview, just like Kapoor’s monumental work in the exhibition hall.


cast made of colored PU
Limited Edition of 40 with 10 A.P.
signed and numbered (engraving on the bottom of the sculpture)
Issued by Deutsche Guggenheim, Berlin

order number



3.700 Euro sold out
3.300 Euro (Club) sold out

Edition 45
Anish Kapoor: Memory, 2008

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10117 Berlin
T. 030-202093-15/-16
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