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Edition No. 48

Worringer, 2009

The edition accompanying the show Abstraction and Empathy is inspired by the author who coined this famous pair of concepts, the art historian Wilhelm Worringer.
Worringer had an enormous influence on the art of the 20th century. His rehabilitation of Gothic art as an art of the “nomadic” line and a counter-image to classicism, inspired Expressionist artists, proponents of the Bauhaus, all the way to artists of the 1960s.
The two-part edition – congenially conceived by the philosopher Hannes Böhringer and the artist Eva-Maria Schön – materializes the figure of Worringer, by citing him in two ways.
For the image, Eva-Maria Schön photographically interprets the cover of Worringer’s work “Griechentum und Gothik” which is embellished by a lying figure taken from Villard d’Honnecourt’s sketchbook. Set upright, the traditional motif, “Dolorous Jesus on the Mount of Olives”, turns into an abstract, dancing figuration.
In a short literary fragment, Hannes Böhringer also describes this whirl of movements. Composed of elements from Worringer’s texts, his sentences attain a corporeal, figurative character, which is juxtaposed on an equal level with the image showing the figure of a dancer.

Edition 48

Eva-Maria Schön/ Hannes Böhringer: Worringer, 2009


Pigment print on Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta 325 g/m2.
Text on the portfolio cover in offset print on Römerturm Funktional 300m g/m2.
Limited, numbered and signed edition of 100 copies + 20 A.P.

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85 Euro
75 Euro (Club)

Edition 48
Eva-Maria Schön/ Hannes Böhringer: Worringer, 2009

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